About LIT

About LIT

Leading In Tech (LIT) got started by Marijn Mennes, a Dutch tech enthusiast.

"I started LIT to spotlight those often overlooked but crucial for positive global change. Their stories, full of hard work and dedication, offer relatable learning experiences rather than the narratives of people successfully selling their company that are often on stage.

Engaging with like-minded individuals sharing your vision is more rewarding than admiring the fortunate few from afar. With LIT, I aim to provide inspiring role models through these interviews so anyone wishing to make an impactful difference with technology can find encouragement.

I operate at the intersection of technology, psychology, and entrepreneurship. My role has always been connecting people. LIT (Leading In Tech) represents a creative approach designed to build a large community centered on connection.

I strongly believe in infusing authenticity into a world often ruled by money-driven success stories while enjoying uniting those who genuinely wish to contribute something meaningful.