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Dominique | Making an impact by making money

Dominique Simons, Head of Impact at Adyen, explores the transformative power of technology and its potential to create a better world. Discover her unique perspective as she dances between philosophy and payments, channeling her passion into making a global impact, one transaction at a time.
Dominique | Making an impact by making money
Dominique Simons - Head of Impact at Adyen.

Dominique Simons finds her rhythm in the quiet heartbeat of a world pulsing with technology. As the Head of Impact at Adyen, a leading global payment platform, she dances to the beat of transformation, payments, and disruption. Her relationship with technology is a profoundly personal one. It doesn't just define what she does; it's entwined with who she is.

"To be in tech is to be in sync with myself," Dominique gently posits, a soft smile illuminating her face. The spark in her eyes betrays an endearing love for her work, revealing a connection that stretches far beyond her job description.

The question inevitably arises: why better the world with technology? Couldn't the appeal of other professions, such as healthcare or education, sway her? It's technology's transformative power that captivates Dominique, drawing her into a world of limitless possibilities.

This fascination is not confined to tech's functional role in our lives. It's there, but you almost never see it. Something especially true for payments. It's almost like an abstract, conceptual puzzle. She draws a parallel between her tech voyage and her philosophical studies, a connection that stokes the flames of her relentless passion for doing good.

Yet, there's a joyful lightness in Dominique's relationship with her work. It doesn't weigh her down, nor is it a mere duty. "Even if I were financially free, I would still spend as much time and energy on my work as I do now. I simply love it," she admits, her words carrying a soft, infectious excitement.

Impact at scale

Beyond her personal fulfillment, Dominique nurtures a strong sense of purpose. She's deeply committed to making a difference, to using her role and skills to effect change. While the prospect of hands-on involvement in different parts of the world has tempted her, she acknowledges that her position at Adyen allows her to achieve impact on a larger scale.

With Adyen processing billions of transactions, Dominique envisions an enormous potential to channel these resources to places they are most needed. Becoming an agent of change and making the world a better place brings a sense of pride that transcends the allure of direct involvement elsewhere.

Dominique's thoughts simmer down to the essence of making a difference. She encourages us to recognize our unique positioning, a confluence of our skills, upbringing, resources, and environment. According to her, we each have a distinct blend of these elements, enabling us to create a unique mark on the world. "Harness your unique talents and surroundings," she suggests, "and use them to create the most significant impact."

As our conversation with Dominique Simons concludes, it's clear we've been offered a peek into the world of a woman who perceives technology not just as a tool or accessory but as a transformative life force. Her journey continues, spurred by a unique perspective and an unwavering determination to use technology to mold the world into a better place. One transaction, one solution, and one thought experiment at a time.