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Julia | On Unraveling Tech, One Click at a Time

Julia Ront, a tech pioneer from Estonia, who challenges the status quo and aims to make technology more accessible. She embarked on a mission to improve tech experiences. Julia champions diversity in tech and encourages women to pursue careers beyond coding.
Julia | On Unraveling Tech, One Click at a Time
Julia Ront - CEO at Vespia

You might not know Julia Ront, but she's one of the minds making tech easier for us all. Born and bred in the digital utopia of Tallinn, Estonia, Julia's life has been deeply intertwined with tech. Today, she's at the helm of Vespia after cutting her teeth at Veriff, an Estonian unicorn company, where she created and nurtured the verification department through its earliest funding stages.

One might imagine her path into tech as linear, perhaps inevitable given her background. Yet, Julia's journey unfolded quite differently, marked by everyday irritations and moments of stark contrast. A visit to Russia first sparked the realization of how seamlessly her life in Estonia was entwined with technology and how different it was across the globe.

On being a tech-native citizen

"When you grow up in Estonia, tech is just part of life. It's only when you go somewhere it's not, like Russia, that you really see it," Julia recalls. But her real 'aha' moment came not from abroad but from home, in the unlikely form of opening a new bank account.

"I had to go to the bank for full KYC physically. I couldn't help but think, 'Why am I here? We already have the technology that could do this remotely. We can do better.'"

And with that frustration, a path opened up in front of her. It wasn't just about creating tech. It was about questioning, disrupting, and making it better. Leaning in, taking risks, and embracing uncertainty.

Her work in the rapid, dynamic environment of startups taught her the exhilarating power of never standing still. And she realized she was a force to be reckoned with. Not just because she is tech-savvy but because she dared to question the status quo and dream of what could be.

"I don't call for a taxi or place food orders over the phone anymore. Why would I, when we have apps for that?" Julia says. "It's all about freeing up time to focus on what really matters."

On a mission for others

But Julia's not stopping there. She's determined to be the role model she once lacked, to show other women they, too, have a place in the tech world. She's adamant that the tech field needs diverse talents, and coding is not the be-all and end-all of a tech career.

"I hear many ladies say, 'I'm not into tech,' but you don't have to be a coder to make a difference in the tech world," she insists. "If you're into HR, sales, or marketing, there's a space for you in the tech startup world. We need talent with skills other than coding too."

Looking ahead, Julia's working towards increasing trust in online business by making it simpler for businesses to onboard and verify clients. She's driven by her personal experiences of the laborious paperwork and lengthy waits, fueling her determination to shape a better future.

So, what's her message for those women who might be on the fence, looking into the tech world from the outside? It's simple, and it's eloquent: "Never settle. Don't get too comfortable. Comfort can halt your progress. Stay on your toes, keep pushing. That's how you make a difference."