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Maria & Kirsten | Shaping ESG Tech With People, Passion, and Purpose

Join Kirsten Suckow and Maria Patschke on a remarkable journey in the tech world. Embracing inclusivity and collaboration, they defy industry norms. With a vision to empower others for positive change, they challenge cliches, embracing passion, purpose, and a greener future.
Maria & Kirsten | Shaping ESG Tech With People, Passion, and Purpose
Maria Patschke (l) and Kirsten Suckow (r)

In the world of technology, where success often seems to depend on who can speak the loudest or disrupt the most, the stories of Kirsten Suckow and Maria Patschke stand out for their tranquil authenticity. Their journey, marked by their shared commitment to creating a culture of psychological safety and inclusivity combined with an audacious mission, is a heartening narrative. A fresh breeze in an industry often characterized by relentless pace and cut-throat competition.

"The cross-functional mix within technology didn't just change my life; it became my life," says Maria, her voice emanating a subtle undercurrent of excitement. "It's the people - developers, UX designers, sales reps - collaborating, shaping, and driving innovation that made all the difference." Kirsten, a non-techie by her own admission, is someone who thrives in the swirling intersection of talents, a trait that has defined her remarkable journey in the tech industry.

If Maria is the people's champion, Kirsten is the daring dreamer. "I was meant to be a banker, risk-averse and safety-driven," she confesses with a light laugh. But her story took an unexpected turn when she found herself at a Fintech company. "The lack of traditional safety, ironically, made me feel more secure. I love what I'm doing, the agile team I'm part of. It's a passion that blazes away any fear." Kirsten's journey is a testament to her innate ability to embrace change and a future laced with uncertainty.

It's the culture that counts.

It's in their team dynamics that their philosophies intertwine. Their eyes light up as they discuss the importance of a secure, collaborative team environment where no question is too "stupid," where open dialogue thrives, and where trust is the bedrock of relationships.

"Our team isn't about one person leading and others following," explains Maria, her eyes reflecting her deep respect for her team. "It's about mutual support, about ensuring everyone, from the newest recruit to the CTO, feels safe and heard."

"Working in this environment, being truly myself... it's liberating," Kirsten adds, a sense of calm enveloping her words. "Our conversations aren't based on power dynamics but trust, honesty, and a shared vision."

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal

That shared vision? To enable the world to go green, one holistic ESG solution at a time. But their mission isn't about "greening" the world but empowering others to wield their influence for good.

"We're not here to paint the world green," Maria interjects, "but to give the power to those who can truly make a difference - the financial institutions." This deep-seated conviction, combined with their ability to foster a culture of openness and collaboration, sets them apart in the crowded tech landscape.

Their dreams are audacious, and their mission is collective. "Our team declared that they want to become a global leader, as their role model SAP', so we took that ambition to heart," says Maria, her voice laced with pride. This team of individuals is bound by the lure of success and the prospect of making a global impact.

A moment of reflection

Looking back, their advice for those entering the tech world comes straight from their own lessons: Embrace courage, be patient, and stand by your values. "Sometimes, slow down a little," Kirsten advises gently. "And always stand up to your values," Maria chimes in, a note of resolution in her voice, "Even if it makes you uncomfortable to others."

The journeys of Suckow and Patschke serve as an invitation to see the tech world beyond the cliches of innovation and disruption. Here, technology is not just about codes or algorithms; it's about people, passion, and living a shared purpose.